Thursday, June 9, 2011

Someday is a Dangerous Word

The way that you dip pretzels into chocolate
trying to cover the swirls the bumps
eventually achieving a smooth coating
that still leaves wreckage underneath

I am the proof that words can be bulldozers
and broken promises can be wrecking balls
and that sometimes what you see on the outside
is just a cherry red veneer that coats whats within

Lips stretched into a dentist office worthy grin
cheek muscles that spasm from the strain
I'd count out pennies for change if I thought
it would do any good for you or me

But honey "I don't know" is "No" and
it's taken me 23 years to learn to walk
with my head up and my eyes open and my hands
my own, past the picket fence white shuttered dreams

of what I wanted someday

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