Monday, September 6, 2010

Goddamn I Miss You

When I shut my eye
lids at night, I can't
help but see a field
of eyeless you dancing
hand in tail with maggot
babies, roaring with silent

I want to peel apart my
shoulder blades and pluck
you from among my rib
cage, where you'd sit perched-
long legs swinging.

There's a certain kind of
helplessness when I think
of you tipping like an ice cream
scoop, on your way to the ground;

The seams of my flesh pulse and pus
and I curse the fingerless
seamstress who sewed me back
together in all the wrong ways.

Please wait for me by water
holes and broken bicycle wheels
and I'll let you teach me to stand on my
handle bars and together- we'll taste sky.

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