Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Q and A

Q and A

“Because relationships are a series of compromises
and my life is a series of relationships
and sometimes I don't feel like compromising"

She said, when asked why she went to the movies alone.
I pictured her sitting solitary in the yawning maw of a theater
Huddled in on herself and swathed in lint-adorned hoodies,
presiding over a kingdom of Frescatta pizza and hot cheesy nachos

“But why wouldn’t you want me to come with you?”
I asked. Words tumbling in on themselves like puppies scrambling for the teat.
Supple, soft, and clumsy.

My palms itched, provoked by grass blades and claimed by conquistadoring ants
and I wished right then that I had remembered deodorant that morning,
as I shifted and rearranged to pick at the scab on my left knee.

She sighed, clenching and unclenching her fist
Leaving half-mooned trenches in her palms
And I was surprised when I had to squint to see the scars
That had once danced like Puckish rogues across her wrists

“Can’t we just enjoy the night?” she said,
eyes already roving, smoke synchronized swimming through
the Autumn air, being born from cherry-red embers
that hung suspended from her lips.

Meanwhile the moon, swollen and golden pregnant,
battled for possession of the sky
And we sat, Converses swinging, taking bets.

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